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The services we do provide

System Design and Project Management
At ReQuest Audio Switzerland it all does start within System design. Our project management team can help providing a full turnkey solution for the end-user, including integration solutions for other building services like electrical installation, Lighting Control, IT and Security.

Once (entertainment) systems are installed by one of our integration partners, the end user wants to take full advantage of it. In the quickly changing world of AV Entertainment and IT, regular updates, modifications and maintenance are essential to keep those systems up-to-date and running smoothly. Therefore ReQuest Audio Switzerland offers a full Service & Maintenance Contract, which can be applied to the entertainment system, but also to all other integrated solutions within the build environment. Herewith we take over complete responsibility for the service and maintenance of these systems.

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Our service portfolio consists of a broad spectrum of services, which range from aftersales service, spare parts management, and troubleshooting to crew training and system upgrades.

Service Department
ReQuest Audio has its own Showroom and Technical Department, so we can develop projects from specification to finished systems. If you want to approach our service department direclty please send an email to

Full Customer Service is only possible if it can be provided out of sufficient knowledge about products and techniques. Therefore ReQuest Audio helps and trains dealers so that they are capable of delivering a decent and quality installation.

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